Pulled Pork and Egg Flatbread with Hummus and Herbs


Have left-over meat and looking for an awesome breakfast to start your day? Then this flatbread breakfast recipe is just what you need! 



  1. Season cabbage with salt and lemon juice, mix well and set aside for a few minutes
  2. Heat the meat. Try pan frying the pork for about 5 minutes to get it nice and sticky
  3. Spread hummus evenly over your flatbread, scatter the cabbage and sesame seeds over the top and then top with the meat.
  4. Fry or poach eggs to your liking, place on top and scatter chopped herbs, salt, pepper and drizzle of sriracha or whatever your favourite chilli sauce is.

Note: Pulled Pork recipe available here: http://www.harrisfarm.com.au/collections/a-delicious-pulled-pork-burger-with-a-crunchy-edge

Recipe by this week's #HarrisFarmFoodie @lucythekorean