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Healthy Bake - Bread Rye Grid (700g)

$6.99 ea

Healthy Bake - Bread Ancient Plain (600g)

$8.49 ea

Healthy Bake - Bread Rye Fruit & Nut (650g)

$9.45 ea

Healthy Bake - Bread Spelt Wholemeal (700g)

$8.49 ea

Naturis Organic - Bread Rice Loaf (680g)

$7.99 ea

Naturis Fruit And Nut Loaf 680g

$8.29 ea

Naturis Organic - Bread Light Rye (680g)

$7.49 ea

Naturis Spelt Wholemeal Loaf 680g

$8.29 ea

Naturis Organic - Bread Spelt (680g)

$8.29 ea

Australias Own - Almond Milk (1L)

$3.85 ea

Australias Own - Rice Milk - Organic (1L)

$2.99 ea

Baska Jon Organic Whole Baby Beetroot 300g

$4.99 ea

Chefs Choice - Noodles Organic Soba (200g)

$3.69 ea

Chefs Choice - Couscous French (500g)

$3.29 ea

Chefs Choice Organic Quinoa White 500g

$6.99 ea

Bio Glan Super Foods - Chia Seeds (250g)

$13.69 ea

Bio Glan Super Foods - Coconut Oil (300g)

$14.35 ea

Organic Road - Coconut Oil Virgin (1L)

$18.99 ea

Dr Karg - Biscuits Spelt Muesli (200g)

$6.99 ea

Dr Karg - Biscuits Seeded Spelt (200g)

$6.99 ea

Dr Karg - Biscuits Spelt & Emmental (200g)

$7.49 ea

Pirovic Eggs Organic X 6 300g

$5.19 ea

Pirovic Eggs Organic X 12 800g

$10.19 ea

Pirovic Eggs Free Range Organic X 12 660g

$7.99 ea

Fine Fettle Flats Tomato Basil 80g

$5.99 ea

Harris Farm - Vermicelli Egg Noodles (1kg)

$5.29 ea

Honest to Goodness - Quinoa Organic (500g)

$8.49 ea

Kikkoman Organic Soy Sauce 250ml

$6.29 ea

Melissa Tahini Organic 375g

$6.99 ea

Morpeth - Bread Organic Wholewheat (900g)

$7.99 ea

Mountain Organic Roll Up 200g

$3.95 ea

Organic Mountain - Sugar Raw (750g)

$3.49 ea

Soba Organic Noodles 270g

$3.59 ea

Organic Groceries

These days, organic foods does not only consist to fruits and vegetables. Now you can find organic groceries, such as dairy products, jams, etc. Be sure to consistently check the expiry date of organic products, as they do not last as long as preserved products. Eating processed food can also increase your risk of diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The best choice would be organic groceries. 

Whole Grain Products

When shopping for certain items, such as bread and cereal, be sure to choose the whole grain products. Not only can these products provide us with more health benefits, but can also taste great. If the taste of these products are not satisfying then try accompanying it with a tasty spread, such as peanut butter.

Cheap Prices

It is evident that many consumers rather buy processed foods due to its convenience and cheap prices. Although this may be an advantage at the time, your long term health is at definite risk. Organic products becomes a major factor in life expansion. Harris Farm Markets sell organic groceries such as Mulloon Creek organic eggs (800g), Barambah low fat organic yoghurts (500g), Momo's organic tomato & smoked Paprika soups (500g) and many more. Harris Farm Markets have a simple website, easy and convenient for any user, offering the finest quality as well as same day delivery.