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Beef - Bavette Prepacked (500-800g) Curious Cuts

$19.99 ea

Beef - Brisket Prepacked (600g-1kg) Curious Cuts

$21.99 ea

Beef - Pillow Steak (150-300g) Curious Cuts

$9.00 ea

Beef - Short Rib (850g-1.4kg) Curious Cuts

$25.19 ea

Beef - Skirt Steak (450-650g) Curious Cuts

$16.24 ea

Beef - Tri Tip (400g-1.2kg) Curious Cuts

$22.79 ea

Beef - Tri Tip Prepacked (600g-1kg) Curious Cuts

$23.99 ea

Lamb - Ribletts (450-600g) Curious Cuts

$11.99 ea

Pork - Oyster Shoulder (1.7kg-2.5kg) Curious Cuts

$24.98 ea


Here at Harris Farm Markets we’re committed to reducing food waste, protecting the environment and supporting Aussie farmers. That’s why we’re proud to introduce another initiative that will do just that – CURIOUS CUTS, our new range of unusually delicious meat cuts that make the most of the whole animal.

Featuring some of the tastiest and most interesting meat cuts you’ve never had (the cuts are not currently sold in Australian supermarkets), our CURIOUS CUTS range is good for the farmer, good for the planet and good for our customers. They also represent serious value, with savings of up to 30% over traditional premium cuts such as rump or sirloin, so we want to encourage you to try something new and save money at the same time

With the price of premium beef cuts steadily rising, now is the perfect time for you to be adventurous and try one of the CURIOUS CUTS.


  • Good for our planet: Nose to Tail. By choosing to buy a Curious Cut you will be helping to ensure more of the animal is being consumed and valued at good market rates (rather than wasted or turned into petfood) and hence they’ll be helping to reduce food waste and increasing the efficiency of food production in this country.

  • Good for Aussie Farmers: By purchasing a Curious Cut you are helping Australian farmers by popularising these cuts, properly valuing the whole beast, and hence allowing farmers to sell more of each beast locally – thus driving sales and  strengthening our Aussie food industry

  • Good for Aussie Shoppers: Not only do these Curious Cuts offer a significant saving over other more traditional premium cuts such as rump or sirloin – up to 30% saving in fact - they are also a delicious and interesting alternative to the cuts people are used to eating !


    We are bringing to you over 5 cuts of meat not currently sold commonly in Australian supermarkets like:

    BEEF BRISKET - A mouth wateringly delicious cut, best prepared low and slow & served braised 

    BEEF CHUCK RIBS- Renowned for its rich mouth feel, this off the bone cut's textured nature makes it sensation for holding flavour. Great with a glaze.

    PORK OYSTER SHOULDER - The slower you cook this cut the more it will break down, leaving beautiful shredded morsels of awesomeness & a crackling top you can't resist

    BEEF BAVETTE - An All year round steak best served rare. Complex on the palette with an intriguing texture. Finish with butter & thyme, some vegies or a salad. 

    BEEF TRI TIP - The best cut of the rump, this soft tasty cut is perfect for a quick roast or as skinny steaks. highly versatile, ti's great rubbed with spices or in a stir fry.