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White Magic - Eco Cloth - Kitchen (1 cloth)

$7.99 ea

Biologika - Deodorant - Lemon Kiss (70mL)

$11.79 ea

Biologika - Deodorant - Mystic Wish (70mL)

$11.79 ea

Biologika - Deodorant - Vanilla Kiss (70mL)

$11.79 ea

Environmental - Toothbrush - Medium (each)

$2.99 ea

Hurraw - Lip Balm - Chai Spice (each)

$5.95 ea

Hurraw - Lip Balm - Coconut (each)

$5.95 ea

No Issues - Tissues (6pk)

$2.85 ea

Glad - Cling Wrap - 60 Metres x 33cm

$5.29 ea

Biologika - Deodorant - Evening Bliss (70mL)

$11.79 ea

French Market Basket (each)

$41.99 ea

Harris Farm - Jute Bag (1 x Reuseable Bag)

$4.99 ea

EcoToothBrush - Toothbrush - Soft (each)

$2.99 ea

If You Care - Tall Kitchen Bags (12 bags)

$9.99 ea
Buy environmentally friendly home essential products online from Harris Farm Markets - Sydney's family supermarket. We're proud to announce Harris Farm now ranges Derivan Health e-Clean and EcoStore environmentally friendly cleaning products.

How do I buy Home Essentials online?

Select your essential home products by choosing a quantity or clicking add to cart. If you checkout before 3pm, we can deliver same day. We also deliver to your home or office in convenient 1 hour windows. Try us today and let our expert staff hand pick your family the most environmentally responsible cleaning products available.

Why buy Home Essentials online from Harris Farm?

You've asked for essential home products, so Harris Farm is responding by ranging the most environmentally responsible essential home products available. We know you want to avoid shopping at the chains and need more than the freshest fruit, vegies, meat and cheese for your home. When you shop with Harris Farm online, not only will you save time and avoid shopping with the big chains, you'll have such a great experience you'll come back again and again.


EcoStore are proud of their environmental standards and their transparency is second to none. Check out what 'no nasty chemicals' really means at their awesome website.

Derivan e-Clean

Derivan e-Clean products are naturally derived, sustainable & biodegradable.  They are also offered in concentrated form, meaning less packaging waste and less trips to the store. Check them out at their very scientific 'health e-clean' website.