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Beef - Eye Fillet Organic Grass Fed (150-250g) Belmore

$17.50 ea

Lamb - Mince Organic Grass Fed (400-550g) Belmore

$16.49 ea

Beef - Rump Steak Organic Grass Fed (250g-350g) Belmore

$12.13 ea

Beef - Eye Fillet Steak Organic (180-250g) Belmore

$17.50 ea

Beef - Sirloin Steak Organic (180-320g) Belmore

$14.40 ea

Beef - Rump Steak Organic (180-270g) Belmore

$9.45 ea

Beef - Scotch Fillet Steak Organic (180-220g) Belmore

$11.00 ea

Lamb - Chump Chops Organic (200-250g) Belmore

$7.50 ea

Lamb - Moroccan Ribs Organic (280-350g) Belmore

$7.00 ea

Lamb - Cutlets Organic (280g-350g) Belmore

$21.00 ea

Chicken - Breast Fillets Organic (400-700g) Hobbs Farms

$20.97 ea

Lamb - Diced Organic Grass Fed (350-450g) Belmore

$14.38 ea

Chicken - Drumsticks Organic (250-500g) Hobbs Farm

$4.50 ea

Chicken - Mince Organic (400-600g) Hobbs Farm

$15.59 ea

Chicken - Thigh Fillets Organic (350-550g) Hobbs Farm

$11.98 ea

Chicken - Whole Organic (1.6kg-2kg) Hobbs Farms

$29.98 ea

Chicken - Wings Organic (300-500g) Hobbs Farm

$2.80 ea

Lamb - Chump Chop - Organic (380-500g) Saltbush

$15.00 ea

Lamb - Cutlet - Organic (320-450g) Saltbush

$20.70 ea

Lamb - Half Leg Roast - Organic (1.3-1.5kg) Saltbush

$23.99 ea

Lamb - MidLoin Chop - Organic (400-540g) Saltbush

$16.19 ea

Lamb - Mince - Organic (480-540g) Saltbush

$9.17 ea

Lamb - Rack - Organic (330-450g) Saltbush

$16.80 ea

Chicken - Tenderloin Organic (450-700g) Hobbs Farm

$20.99 ea

Beef - Mince Extra Lean Organic (500-650g) Belmore

$14.29 ea

Organic Meat

Here at Harris Farm Markets we are always striving to do whats best, by choosing organic you know that it's not packed full of hormones, that we all don't love. By going organic you can rest at ease knowing that your getting all the health benefits from it as well.  It becomes an issue or hassle when we cannot receive what we are looking for in the stores. Your best alternative would be to shop online, the excellent thing here at Harris Farm is that we do offer a lot of excellent organic meat and have it delivered direct to your home or office, what more could we want?

Our Range

You can choose from beef to chicken and sausages. Harris Farm Markets is know as the fresh food premiers in Sydney, we have a team of experts who use their expertise  to deliver all the best and premium organic meat to you. You have a choice to choose from  Belmore Meats Organic Beef Eye Fillet which is a beautiful tender cut of meat, you can get some great tips Here on how to cook a tender beef eye fillet, as well as get a awesome Sriracha RecipeOur Belmore Meats Range gives you a selection of premium cut meat to choose from, Belmore Meats are certified organic by Demeter BioDynamics and Australian Certified Organics. Belmore Meats is 100% Organic|100% Free Range|100% Trace-ability| Hormone Free|Steroid Free| Antibiotic Free|. If you like Organic Meat you'll love our Belmore Meats Organic Range.


Having your Organic Meat in your kitchen is easier than it seems. All you have to do is Become A Friend Of The Farmand it's all easy from there. You can receive Dave's Blog, Shop Online and our other Amazing Products, and receive exclusive Promotions and Giveaways. The Harris Farm website is so easy that all our products are only a click away, it's like doing your grocery shopping in the comfort of your own home. Also our delivery method is excellent, you can choose to have your order delivered in a one hour window so there's no waiting around for your shopping, you can go out and do what needs to be done and have your order delivered when it's convenient for you. If you would like to find out more about our delivery info please click Here.