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Avocado Hass Large Each

$2.69 ea

Avocado Hass Organic Each

$4.29 ea

Avocado Hass Small Each

$1.49 ea

Avocado Imperfect min 600g

$3.59 ea

Avocados Organic Twin Pack

$5.99 ea

Cherries min 400g

$7.20 ea

Cherries Organic 280g

$10.49 ea

Cherries Premium Box 2kg Size 30-32mm

$33.00 ea

Cherries Premium Tasmania 2kg

$60.00 ea

Cumquats (min 500g punnet)

$8.99 ea

Mango Imperfect Each

$1.43 ea

Mango Kensington Pride Organic Each

$5.99 ea

Mango Premium Kensington Pride Tray 7kg

$50.00 ea

Nectarine White Each

$2.26 ea

Nectarine White Imperfect Each

$0.68 ea

Nectarine White Premium Tray 5kg

$123.29 ea

Nectarine White Tray 5kg

$39.99 ea

Nectarine Yellow Each

$2.26 ea

Nectarine Yellow Imperfect Each

$0.91 ea

Nectarine Yellow Tray 5kg

$39.99 ea

Peach White Each

$0.56 ea

Peach White Imperfect Each

$0.91 ea

Peach White Tray 5kg

$36.99 ea

Peach Yellow Each

$0.61 ea

Peach Yellow Organic 500g

$8.99 ea

Peach Yellow Tray 5kg

$24.99 ea

Plum Angelino Each

$0.90 ea

Plum Black Diamond Each

$1.62 ea

Plum Imperfect Each

$0.22 ea

Plum Queen Garnet Each

$1.70 ea

Plum Tegan Blue Each

$0.96 ea

Plums Amber Jewel Each

$1.76 ea

Plums Sugar (min 200g)

$2.06 ea

Plums Sugar 500g

$6.99 ea

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Buy stone fruit online from Harris Farm Markets - Sydney's premier fresh food company. We offer premium quality at amazing prices.

What store fruit to buy and when

Stone fruit tends to be seasonal by nature, although we have full supply of dates through out the year. For Australian Fruit the stone fruit season begins in October in the more subtropical regions of North Queensland and Northern Western Australia and ends as late as April or May. Some of our favourites include Peaches from Forbes NSW, Tasmanian Cherries which hit the market just before Christmas and later season Plums.

Why buy Stone fruit from Harris Farm?

Harris Farm is an Australian, family owned business - we specialise in providing a greater range of high quality fruit and stone fruit than any of our competitors. Buy your groceries online and shop for stone fruit easily without the hassle of driving to our stores and parking. Save time and enjoy convenience like never before. We guarantee our product and know you will enjoy the freshness.