Imperfect Banana Fritters


This recipe really comes into its own when using our single and misshapen bananas from North Queensland. You can bet these wonky bananas taste perfectly delicious, they are just a little imperfect looking. This a Harris family favourite reinterpreted by Chef Alex Kearns.


    • 4 imperfect bananas
    • Beer Batter
    • 1 cup plain flour
    • 1 cup beer or soda water
    • 4 cubes of ice


      1. Add flour and soda or beer into a bowl. Using a fork stir ingredients until they reach a thicken cream consistency, lots of little lumps is great, they explode and make a crisp batter. If it is a little too thick add liquid. Too thin reduce amount of flour. Add 4 cubes of ice into the mixture to keep it cool.
      2. Bring oil to 180°C in a deep pan or deep fryer (if you have one). Roll banana in flour first then dip in the batter, fry till golden. Place on kitchen paper to absorb excess oil.
      3. Serve dusted with sugar. You can add any spice here (like cinnamon) if you fancy. Top with ice cream or cream to really indulge.

      Recipe by Alex Kearns.