Upcycled Christmas Tree Decos!





  • 1 card board box

  • X5 Large potato

  • Pairing knife

  • Scissors

  • Led pencil

  • White craft paint

  • A kitchen sponge

  • 1 Skewer

  • Jute string

  • Double sided tape



  1. Slice the potatoes in half, using a pairing knife cut out Christmas shapes. For example stars in different sizes, a Christmas tree, and a bell.

  2. Un do the card board box and lay it flat.

  3. Dampen the kitchen sponge followed by adding white paint. Dab the cut out potato shape into the sponge then stamp onto the card board box levelling space around the edge.

  4. Once the paint is dried cut out around the print leaving a board of 4-5 mm.


To make individual decorations:


  1. Place the cut out decoration on to a piece of cardboard and draw around to create a template. Add a 5mm boarder and draw out another  Using scissors cut out the shape.

  2. Add double sided tape to the smaller painted piece and stick it onto the the larger piece.

  3. Using a skewer poke a hole through the top of the decoration, thread a 25cm long length of jute string through and tie a knot.

  4. The decoration is ready to hang it on the tree.


To make a garland:

  1. Poke two holes through the top of 10-15 cut out decorations, thread a 1 1/2 to 2 meter long string of jute through the first decoration hole then back through the 2nd hole to ensure the card board decoration lays flat. Repeat the process every 10-15cm.

  2. The garland is ready hang up.


Decorations and photography by Bonnie Coumbe. visit her site here & Instagram here.