San Choi Bao


San Choi Bao

San Choi Bao has got to be one of the most recognisable Chinese dishes, and Nadia Felsch's version is one of the simplest, tastiest and most nutritious options out there! Refreshing, satisfying and seriously tasty. Make you sure you give this one a go!




  1. Wash lettuce and peel off suitable cups
  2. Place in icy water until serving
  3. Drain bamboo shoots and rinse, set aside
  4. Finely dice onion and carrot
  5. Slice shallots
  6. Grate ginger
  7. Heat oil in a large pan on high heat
  8. Once hot, add the onion, carrot and shallots
  9. Stir until lightly browned
  10. Add grated ginger, crushed garlic and stir through
  11. Add chicken mince, breaking up to cook evenly
  12. Once meat is cooked through, add bamboo shoots and stir
  13. Combine sauce ingredients in a glass jar or mixing bowl
  14. Add to pan and stir through
  15. Cook until sauce is thickened and liquid almost cooked off, stirring frequently
  16. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly before serving in lettuce cups
  17. Top with fresh coriander leaves and any leftover shallots

Recipe by @nadiafelsch