Fruit & Flower Ice Cubes



A glass jug of water with fruit and flower ice cubes in it

We’re all familiar with meal prepping, but what about party prepping? With the festive season kicking off, wow the crowd with something you prepared earlier and make throwing that end-of-year shindig as breezy as can be. 


  • Mixed berries
  • Citrus fruit
  • Dragon fruit
  • Mint
  • Edible flowers


  • Selection of ice cube trays
  • Kettle


  1. These fruit ice cubes can be made way ahead of time (we’re talking weeks or even months) and then whipped out of the freezer on the day. And they couldn’t be easier to make.
  2. Boil and then chill a full kettle of water.
  3. Then, simply place your choice of berries; slices of citrus, kiwi and dragonfruit; herbs or edible flowers into a mould or large ice cube tray, top up with water and freeze.   


Silicon ice-cube trays are the easiest option if you'd like to try unusual shapes.

Psst: it’s prime berry time right now. When you’re freezing these juicy fruits, why not pop an extra batch on ice while you’re at it? As well as being a sure-fire party pleaser, this recipe is a fabulous way to make your seasonal fruit lasts all year round by storing a little for later. When it’s in season, seize it!

Ingredients for Fruit & Flower Ice Cubes

Strawberries 250g

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Raspberries 125g

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Blackberries 125g

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Kiwifruit Green Each

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