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Apples Custard (each)

$7.99 ea

Apples Fuji (each)

$1.05 ea

Apples Golden Delicious Large (each)

$0.77 ea

Apples Granny Smith (each)

$0.69 ea

Apples Jonathan (each)

$0.49 ea

Apples Pink Lady (each)

$0.76 ea

Apples Pink Lady Organic (each)

$1.44 ea

Apples Royal Gala (1 kg)

$4.49 ea

Apples Royal Gala (each)

$0.56 ea

Apples Royal Gala Large (each)

$0.72 ea

Apples Royal Gala Organic (1kg pack)

$6.99 ea

Apples Royal Gala Organic (each)

$1.65 ea

Artichoke Globe (each)

$2.99 ea

Arugula (bunch)

$2.29 ea

Asparagus (bunch)

$1.66 ea

Avocado Large (each)

$5.00 ea

Avocado Organic (each)

$5.50 ea

Avocado Small (each)

$2.50 ea

Bananas Eco (5 in a bunch)

$5.69 ea

Bananas Imperfect Pick Value Range (5 in a bunch)

$2.09 ea

Bananas Lady Finger (5 in a bunch)

$3.99 ea

Bananas Large (5 in a bunch)

$2.29 ea

Bananas Organic (5 in a Bunch)

$4.49 ea

Bananas Smart (min 750g pack)

$2.99 ea

Basil (bunch)

$4.49 ea

Basil Thai (bunch)

$3.99 ea

Bay Leaves (packet min10g)

$3.49 ea

Beanettes (175g tray)

$4.49 ea

Beans - Hand Picked (min 200g pack)

$2.26 ea

Beans Butter (175g punnet)

$5.69 ea

Beans Butter Loose (min 200g)

$2.50 ea

Beans French (500g tray)

$3.99 ea

Beans Organic (min 200g)

$5.49 ea

Beans Snake (bunch)

$1.99 ea

Beetroot (bunch)

$4.49 ea

Beetroot - Head Only (each)

$0.50 ea

Beetroot Organic Head Only (each)

$0.66 ea

Blueberries (125g punnet)

$3.99 ea

Blueberries Organic (125g punnet)

$7.69 ea

Broccoli (box 8 kg)

$25.00 ea

Broccoli (head)

$1.71 ea

Broccoli Organic (head)

$3.70 ea

Broccolini (bunch)

$2.00 ea

Brussels Sprouts (min 500g)

$4.00 ea

Buk Choy Baby (bunch of 3)

$1.29 ea

Buk Choy Regular (bunch)

$3.49 ea

Cabbage (half)

$2.29 ea

Cabbage (qtr)

$1.49 ea

Cabbage (whole)

$3.99 ea

Cabbage Chinese (half)

$3.49 ea

Cabbage Chinese (whole)

$11.29 ea

Cabbage Red (half)

$2.29 ea

Cabbage Red (qtr)

$1.49 ea

Cabbage Red (whole)

$5.69 ea

Cabbage Savoy (half)

$2.69 ea

Cabbage Savoy (qtr)

$1.49 ea

Cabbage Savoy (whole)

$4.29 ea

Cabbage Tuscan (whole)

$2.99 ea

Fruit and Vegetable Box

There are a lot of options that you can do in order to lose weight. In order to help you in losing weight, you should include fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. You can order fruit and vegetable box so that you can save time in going to the store.

High Water Content and Low Calorie

Fruits and vegetables have a high level of water content. Fruits are perfect during summer because it can keep you hydrated all the time. Fruit and vegetable box is an incredible way to lose weight and maintain your weight as it has low calories. 

Digest Rapidly

Fruits and vegetables can digest quickly compared to eating meat products. Fruits contain fibre which can help our digestive system to function properly. Some people do not want to eat vegetables but they eat fruits because they are naturally sweet and tasty as well. There are many ways to prepare your vegetables in order to make it tastier such as making a vegetable soup or vegetable salad. For Great recipes that include vegetables, click here. 

Highly Nutritious

Fruit and vegetable box is highly nutritious. Some people are saying that our body needs meat to be healthy. But there are numerous vegans out there who are much healthier and do not get easily sick. These vegans survived by eating fresh fruits and vegetables which can be eaten raw. Harris Farm Markets sells a huge variety of fruits and vegetables including a large pink lady apple, organic avocado (4 pack), large bananas (5 in a bunch), white grapes (min 1kg bag), Buk Choy (bunch of 3), medium carrots (1kg bag) and a lot more.