Apple Bravo Premium Each

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Bravo Apples

Their unique burgundy skin sets them apart on shelf. Their sweet and juicy flavour mean they are rated as Australia’s best tasting apples. With 25% more flavonoids than other Australian apples, not only are they excellent for your health, but unlike other apples, their flesh is ultra slow to turn brown. This makes them perfect for lunchboxes, fruit platters, snacks, desserts, indecisive toddlers and so much more.

Bravo™ apples are proudly grown by more than 80 growers across Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.


Why is a Bravo™ Apple Different?

Bravo™ apples are the product of the world’s most successful apple breeding program in Australia. It has been developed to be outstanding on all fronts – from its dark good looks to its distinctive flavour and texture. You can recognise a Bravo™ apple by its:

  • Distinctive dark burgundy skin
  • Great crunch and texture
  • Sweet juiciness
  • Vibrant white flesh
  • Slowness to brown
  • Long life storage and freshness


Longer Lasting

Legendary apple breeder John Cripps created the Bravo™ by (naturally) cross breeding two popular apple varieties. We’re proud to be GM free!

One of the benefits of this, was the creation of a brand new genetic profile for Bravo™ apples. This new profile means that Bravo™ apples are very hardy when transported and have excellent shelf life when stored.

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