HOW TO: Sustainable Festive Bon Bons


For an eco friendly alternative to Christmas crackers why not use up the paper bags from the Christmas shopping with this easy to make festive bon bons project that can be composted or recyclable after Christmas.

Decorate with dehydrated citrus slices, dried paper daisies or gum leaves and nuts for an Australiana style. 



  • 4-6 brown paper Harris Farm shopping bags

  • I piece of thin card board (a cereal box works well)

  • 8 cardboard rolls (paper towel or baking paper rolls work well)

  • 8 Cracker snaps (can be bought from craft stores)

  • Twisted paper ribbon

  • Dehydrated citrus slices (click here for the recipe)

  • Dried paper daisy flowers

  • Chocolate coins

  • Daggy dad jokes optional


  • Scissors

  • Craft tape

  • Ruler

  • Pencil



  1. Using a ruler and the piece of cardboard mark out the template measurements and cut it out. Make folds at the top and bottom of the Dimond sections. Then fold this section in half again, cut out triangles 2cm deep leaving a gap of 2mm in-between each triangle so when you unfold the template it creates the diamond pattern.

  2. Carefully take apart the base of the paper bag, cut along the side seam to open the bag out into one flat piece of paper.

  3. Trace around the template on the flat paper bag and cut them out. x2 crackers roughly fit per bag, the left over paper scraps can be made into paper hats.

  4. Place 1 cracker snap lengthways on the inside of the paper, stick it in place top and bottom.

  5. Cut the rolls to be 10cm long, place in the middle of the paper and roll it up. Stick together with craft tape, then secure the two ends together with craft tape as well.

  6. Tie one end of the cracker with 35-40cm long ribbon, thread the ribbon through a slice of Dehydrated citrus close to the rind, knot in place. Attach a dried paper daisy and finish it off with a bow.

  7. Fill the open end with chocolate coins, daggy dad jokes and a paper hat. Tie the end closed with another piece of ribbon to secure it in place.

  8. Repeat the process for the remainder of the crackers.


Makes 8 Bon Bon’s

Bon Bon's & photography by Bonnie Coumbe. Visit her site here & Instagram here.