Lamb Shanks


Wet weather calls for warm, comforting dinners. What could be better than succulent, fall-apart tender lamb shanks? The preparation is simple, all they really need is time - and once they’re in the oven or slow cooker they just about look after themselves. Fast track them with the pressure cooker if you like.

Lamb Shanks

One shank is all you need per person.


  • Saute a diced carrot, onion and three sticks of celery
  • Brown the shanks and place them over the vegetables.
  • Add a few bay leaves and a few large sprigs of rosemary.
  • Add a cup beef stock and a cup of red wine.

Cook via your preferred method listed below...


  • Place all the prepared ingredients in a large baking dish, cover with foil and tuck the edges tightly around the dish.
  • Cook in a slow oven for 2-21/2 hours.
  • Check occasionally - top up with more stock to cover the base of the dish. Turn the shanks so they cook evenly.
  • When they are ready to enjoy, the meat should fall from the bone.
  • Serve lamb shanks over hot, buttery mashed potato or polenta. Spoon over the pan juices, and sprinkle with chopped herbs.

Slow cooker

  • Place all the prepared ingredients into the slow cooker
  • One hour in the oven is equivalent to about 6-8 hours on low in a slow cooker.
  • Slow cookers don’t lose as much moisture as conventional methods like casseroling does, so there’s no need to add more liquid than the recipe calls for.
  • Try to avoid removing the lid to check on the dish’s progress - moisture will escape and you'll increase the cooking time. Just one look and you lose 20 minutes cooking time!

Pressure cooker

  • Brown the shanks and saute the vegetables as above, and place in pressure cooker.
  • Depending on the number of shanks and size of your pressure cooker add enough stock and wine to just cover the shanks.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions to seal cooker. Reduce heat and cook for 20 minutes.

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Ingredients for Lamb Shanks

Lamb Shanks x2 700g-1.3kg

$14.29 ea

Carrot Loose Each

$0.60 ea

Onion Brown Each

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Onion White Each

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Celery Whole

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