Easter Honey Roasted Rainbow Dutch Carrots with Toasted Hazelnuts 



Prep time: 10 minutes  

Cook Time: 30 minutes  

Serves: 4-6  



  • 500g rainbow dutch carrots, clean and trimmed  
  • ⅓ cup honey  
  • 70g butter  
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil 
  • 4 sprigs thyme, plus extra for garnish  
  • ½ cup hazelnuts, roughly chopped  



  1. Preheat the oven to 180 and bring a large pot of water to the boil. 
  2. Blanch the carrots in the boiling water for around 2 minutes to par-cook. Remove from the water and plunge into ice cold water to cool down. Remove and drain off excess water.
  3. Place a medium, oven-proof pan on the stove and melt the butter and olive oil over medium heat. Add the honey and thyme and stir to combine.
  4. Add the carrots to the pan and toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper and cook for 3-4 minutes or until slightly caramelised.
  5. Scatter the hazelnuts over the top and place the pan in the oven. Cook for 10-15 minutes or until golden and tender. Garnish with extra fresh thyme leaves.

 Breda is a freelance food content creator, recipe developer and stylist living and working in Sydney. She is passionate about all food that is full of flavour; community, family, heritage and hospitality are at the centre of her food philosophy. She runs Una Mas Creative with her husband, making original and branded content. Check out Breda's Instagram here, and Unamas Creative page here!


Ingredients for Easter Honey Roasted Rainbow Dutch Carrots with Toasted Hazelnuts 

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