Eyeball & Cranberry Halloween Drink


halloween lychee drink

halloween lychee drink

halloween lychee drink



  1. Peel the lychee
  2. Press one side of a blueberry into some thick honey
  3. Press the sticky side of the blueberry into the lychee and set carefully aside
  4. Repeat and prepare all the lychees with blueberries
  5. Using some glasses, carefully place 1-2 lychees onto the base of a glass. Add a scoop of ice, pour in some cranberry juice until 3/4 of the cup. Add 3 more lychees on top of the ice and then pour in the sparkling water until the glass is full


  • Use slightly smaller blueberries so they can fit into the lychee
  • Slightly pull back the lychee fruit on 1 side to make the hole for the blueberry a little larger if needed
  • The seed is in the lychee, be careful not to swallow it

Photos by Anastasia Zolotarev.

Ingredients for Eyeball & Cranberry Halloween Drink

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