Grilled Seafood Platter


Grilled Seafood Platter


  • Scampi  

  • Dozen scallops  

  • Dozen king prawns  

  • Tsp paprika  

  • Large garlic cloves  

  • 250g Salted butter  

  • Bunch parsley  

  • ¼ Bunch dill  

  • ¼ Bunch coriander  

  • 1 Tbsp chilli flakes  

  • Lemon  

  • Salt & Pepper 



  1. Preheat your BBQ or oven grill to max temperature. 

  2. Take the butter out of the fridge so it reaches room temperature or until soft 

  3. Next, chop the garlic and herbs and mix with the soft butter. Add the chilli flakes and mix well until combined. 

  4. Cut the scampi in half or butterfly, season with salt and pepper, remove the scallops from the shell and season.  

  5. For the prawns sprinkle the paprika, season with salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. 

  6. Place the scampi and prawns on the grill making sure to brush them with the garlic herb butter while cooking.  

  7. The scampi will take approx. 6 min and the prawns about 10 min to cook.  

  8. For the scallops, heat a frying pan, making sure it’s on high heat. Drizzle the olive oil and add the scallops. Cook for 1 minute and turn, add approx. 2 tbsp of the garlic butter and continue to baste while cooking. 

  9. Finish the seafood platter with a squeeze of lemon juice and some herbs.