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Apples Custard (each)

$7.99 ea

Apples Fuji Large (each)

$1.36 ea

Apples Golden Delicious Large (each)

$0.77 ea

Apples Granny Smith (approx. 1kg)

$4.49 ea

Apples Granny Smith (each)

$0.69 ea

Apples Granny Smith Organic (each)

$1.13 ea

Apples Jonathan (each)

$0.49 ea

Apples Pink Lady (each)

$0.76 ea

Apples Pink Lady Organic (each)

$1.44 ea

Apples Royal Gala (each)

$1.28 ea

Apricot Imperfect Pick Value Range (Each = min 500g)

$4.50 ea

Apricots (min 250g)

$3.92 ea

Avocados Large (each)

$5.69 ea

Avocados Reed (each)

$3.49 ea

Avocados Small (each)

$2.99 ea

Bananas Eco (5 in a bunch)

$5.12 ea

Bananas Imperfect Pick Value Range (5 in a bunch)

$1.39 ea

Bananas Lady Finger (5 in a bunch)

$7.69 ea

Bananas Large (5 in a bunch)

$2.29 ea

Bananas Organic (5 in a Bunch)

$4.49 ea

Bananas Smart (min 750g pack)

$2.99 ea

Blackberries (125g punnet)

$8.99 ea

Blueberries (125g punnet)

$4.49 ea

Blueberries Premium (punnet)

$5.69 ea

Cherries (500g punnet)

$6.49 ea

Cherries (min 500g)

$12.50 ea

Cherries Premium (2kg box)

$44.99 ea

Coconut (each)

$2.99 ea

Coconut Drinking (each)

$2.00 ea

Dates (200g pack)

$4.50 ea

Dates - Pitted Loose (min 500g)

$4.00 ea

Dragon Fruit (each)

$7.99 ea

Figs Black Fresh (each)

$2.29 ea

Grapefruit (each)

$2.11 ea

Grapefruit Ruby Red (each)

$2.05 ea

Grapes Red Seedless Premium (min 1kg bag)

$16.99 ea

Grapes Sultana (min 1kg bag)

$4.49 ea

Grapes White (min 1kg bag)

$14.49 ea

Grapes White Seedless (min 1kg)

$13.49 ea

Kiwifruit (each)

$0.74 ea

Lemons (each)

$1.19 ea

Lemons (min 1kg net)

$1.70 ea

Lemons Imperfect Pick Value Range (Each = min 500g)

$2.00 ea

Lemons Organic (each)

$1.33 ea

Limes (each)

$1.38 ea

Limes (min 500g net)

$1.32 ea

Limes Imperfect Pick Value Range (Each = min 500g)

$2.00 ea

Lychees (min 500g punnet)

$13.00 ea

Mandarins Murcott Large (each)

$1.68 ea

Mangoes - Calypso (each)

$2.00 ea

Mangoes - Calypso - Large (Tray Sale)

$19.99 ea

Mangoes - Calypso - Small (Tray Sale)

$16.99 ea

Mangoes - Honey Gold (each)

$3.29 ea

Mangoes - Kensington Pride (each)

$2.50 ea

Mangoes - Kensington Pride - Large (each)

$3.99 ea

Mangoes - Kensington Pride - Organic (each)

$3.99 ea

Mangoes - R2 E2 (each)

$2.50 ea

Fruit Delivery Service

Fruit delivery service  is perfect for any special occasions. Fruits are healthy foods so anyone who can receive them will truly appreciate them. 

Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets can be given to anyone such as your friends, clients and family. There are different selections of fruits that you can include in your fruit basket. It is ideal to include as many varieties as you can especially if you do not know the recipient’s favourite fruit. Fruits are the best alternative instead of sending flowers due to its healthy benefits.

Same Day Delivery

Fruit delivery service offers same day delivery. But it usually depends on the time that you made your order. Different companies have different policies when it comes to their delivery service. Sometimes they include an additional cost if you want them delivered on the same day. There are also some companies which offer free charges if your purchases have reached their minimum required amount or quantity. In general, your delivery cost will be computed based on the weight as well as the distance of the location where the fruits will be delivered.

Fruits Can Help In Losing Weight

Fruit delivery service can help you in losing weight. In fact, fruits and vegetables are the safest, most economical and most effective way of losing weight.  It is the most natural way of maintaining your weight. If you need fruit delivery service then you can choose Harris Farm Markets. They have the best reputation with regards to delivering fresh fruits and vegetables. You can purchase organic Gala apple (2kg pack), organic banana (500g pack), red seedless grapes (min 1kg bag) and others.