Easter Crafting - Natural Egg Dyeing


This is a fun crafty activity to make this Easter with the family from natural ingredients in your kitchen.

Use small leaves from the garden to create fantastic graphic patterns! If you don’t have access to nylon stockings, elastic bands also work well to create patterns.


  • White duck eggs or light coloured hen eggs

  • Natural dye ingredients:

  • Small leaves 

  • Cleaned avocado seeds and clean skins x3 – produces you a peach pink
  • Brown onion skins x2 – produces bright earthy orange 
  • Red onion skins x2 – produces deep dark brown
  • Blackberries 125g – light purple
  • Red cabbage 1/4 – deep strong blue
  • White vinegar

  • 1 pair of sheer nylon stockings

  • A pin or safety pin

  • Clean glass jars

  • Strainer

  • Small and medium cooking pots

  • Water




  1. To make use of the fresh eggs, create a small hole in both the top and bottom of each egg.  Blow the egg contents out into a small bowl to be used to make a tart or pie. (Or the eggs can be boiled in the dye to save time).

  2. Rinse and dry the eggs. Cut the stockings up into big enough squares to cover the eggs. Place a small leaf over the egg and stretch the stocking over, tie in a knot. Repeat the process for the remanding eggs.

  3. Use the same dye method for each different natural dye colour.

  4. Combine the natural ingredient into a small to medium saucepan. Cover with water and add 1 tsp of vinegar. (Squash berry’s to allow the colour to come out further).

  5. Allow to simmer for 30 minute’s with a lid slightly ajar.  Once the colour has developed strain the contents and discard the fruit and vegetables. 

  6. If you didn’t blow out the eggs place the whole eggs in the dye mixture and allow to boil until it is hard boiled.

  7. Pour the hot liquid into jars with lids, add the eggs. Use small glasses to weigh down the eggs so they are comply submerged in the dye. 

  8. Leave them to develop the colour overnight.

  9. Cut the stockings away from the eggs and discard the leaves.


Guide and photography by Bonnie Coumbe. Visit her site here & Instagram here. Styling by Lauren Miller. Visit her site here & Instagram here.