Corn Nutrition Guide


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Don't confuse the health impact of corn with its derivative syrup. The high fibre content of fresh corn mitigates sugars and amplifies nutrient benefits.

Protein Packed

It may not be the first option that comes to mind, but corn, whether still on the cob or as fresh kernels, is one of the top tier vegetables when it comes to protein content. Which is a key fact when you're pursuing a plant-based diet. 

Gut Healthy Fibre

Corn is an excellent aid to gut health, both as the kind of fibre that plays an important role in preventing inflammation in the gut and in its fermented form. Corn is easy to ferment and makes excellent pickles, packed with probiotics. The right kind of fibre, i.e. corn, can also help aid digestion and reduce constipation.

Brainy Vitamin B3

Also known as Niacin, Vitamin B3 plays a number of important roles in the body - including helping regulate your metabolism and nervous system function - but its most important role is cognitive. Vitamin B3 has been shown to be a key feature of brain health and, equally worth noting, Niacin deficiency has been associated with cognitive decline. So throw another corn on the barbie. 

Vitamin B6

All of the B Vitamins are essential to health, and B6 is particularly important for keeping the nervous system regulated and the immune system healthy, which has rarely been as vital as it is in this day and age! B6 is also great for promoting healthy skin.

Fun Fact

We think of corn as a vegetable, but it's also a grain and, in its original form, a wild grass.