Vegamancha Pure Goat Spanish Manchego Cheese

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Vegamancha Pure Goat Spanish Manchego Cheese

A fantastic Manchego cheese with flavour and texture!
The name Manchego Vegamancha comes from its region of production, La Mancha in Spain and from the use of the Manchego sheep’s milk. With a crumbly texture, this Manchego cheese has a sweet, tangy, nutty, lingering taste.

Country of origin: Spain
Region, town: La Mancha
Source of milk: Sheep's milk
Texture: Firm, grainy and crumbly
Flavour: Sweet, tangy and nutty
Aging time: Minimum 360 days

Serving Suggestion: Like to mix sweet and savoury? Pair your Manchego cheese with quince, it is heaven!

Wine Pairing: If you are looking for something to drink with Manchego cheese, try a sherry, it will compliment nicely.

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