Ultimate Feasting Christmas Entertainers Bundle

Ultimate Feasting Christmas Entertainers Bundle

$39.99 ea

Feeds: 12-18 people

“On the last days of Christmas, my true love gave to me; a feasting kit to make things easy”. Give yourself (or your family) the gift of a fully planned festive banquet. No last-minute trips to the shops. No scrounging for ingredients. Just the delivery of peace of mind (plus everything from a prawn salad starter, strapping vegetarian salad, glazed ham, stuffed Christmas turkey, baked side of salmon and a pav to swoon for). This Christmas, we’ve got you sorted. Happy Holidays start here.




      click here to download the cooking steps 


      To save some time (and stress!) on Christmas day, we reckon preparing ahead:


      • Prawns – (patiently) peel all the prawns the night before and keep in a Tupperware in the fridge until serving.

      • Ham – get a head start on the glaze. Either do it the day before or early on the day (and bring it back to heat when you need it).

        • Salad – you can prep all the vegies the day before, make the salad in the morning and serve at room temp at lunch.



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