Schloss Eggenberg Non-Alcoholic Pilsner 330ml

$4.29 ea

Schloss Eggenberg Beer Non-Alcohol Pilsner

This pilsner has a true likeness to beer without the alcohol.  It’s slightly bitter, but finishes light and refreshing.  Best served very cold. 


Private brewery since 1681, independent since 8 generations of families. Preserving something like this requires openness to new things. As the beer to the Salzkammergut, we stand up to the standard beers with our regional character. The lakes in our area are of drinking water quality. The mountains are impressive, the air is clear and pure.

This freshness of the region is also in our nature. But freshness is also an attitude and a value that we hold high in Eggenberg: we preserve our freshness, our independence! With high quality, local raw materials, strong beers and regional responsibility. But also with joy, fun and passion.

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