Mrs Trans Kitchen Brown Rice Noodles 300g

$3.99 ea

Mrs Trans Kitchen Brown Rice Noodles

Made with naturally farmed brown rice, our Brown Flat Rice Noodles offer an alternative to our original rice noodles that are also gluten-free.

✚ Made with naturally farmed brown rice

✚ Super quick to cook

✚ Gentle on the digestive system

Rice (55%0, Brown Rice (22%), Tapioca (11%), Water (11%), Salt (1%)

Cooking Instruction

Boil some hot water in a medium size pot. When the water is boiled, place the Brown Rice Noodles into the hot water.

Boil the Brown Rice Noodles for 3 minutes or until al dente.

Drain the water using a colander.

Rinse the Brown Rice Noodles under cold water before serving.

The Brown Rice Noodles is now ready to be eaten with your favourite soup.

Nutrition Information: 

Servings per package: 3 - Serving size: 100g

  Average per servings Average per 100g



Fat, total

- saturated


- sugars



1296.6 kJ

5 g 

0.2 g 

0 g 

62.8 g 

0 g 

13.7 g 

0 mg

1296.6 Kj

5 g


0 g

62.8 g 

0 g

13.7 mg

0 mg

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