Fynbos Fine Food African Ghost Pepper Sauce 130g

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Fynbos Fine Food African Ghost Pepper Sauce

Fynbos Fine Food is a small family business outside Cape Town (South Africa) which was founded in 1996. Growing a large variety of chillies, these are picked early in the morning from their fields and are then bottled in the kitchens under extremely hygienic conditions.

At Fynbos Fine Foods all products are made from the finest and freshest produce. All natural. With NO preservatives, NO colourants, NO MSG or pectin (NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING) in any of our products.

Thick red/deep dark orange sauce. Extremely Hot flavour for the brave. You will taste the flavour before the heat. Use to add to any meal. Marinade chicken pieces for an hour before barbequing and continue to baste while on the grid.

Hellishly hot< use with caution.


African Ghost Pepper Chillies (32%) (African Ghost Pepper Chillies, Vinegar, Salt), Water, Brine (Water, Vinegar, Salt), Onions, Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Sunflower Seed Oil), Garlic, Salt, Xanthan Gum (Thickener)

Nutrition Information:

Servings per Package: 26 - Serving Size: 5g

Avg Qty per Serving  Avg Qty per 100g



Fat, Total

- Saturated


- Sugars


10 kJ

less than 1g

less than 1g

less than 1g

less than 1g

less than 1g

36 mg

203 kJ

1.2 g 

1.8 g 

less than 1g




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