Copperpot Valencian Orange Fudge 150g

$11.99 ea

Copperpot Valencian Orange Fudge 

Our Valencian Orange Fudge combines traditional fudge flavours with a zesty, modern twist. Offering a sweet and tangy flavour that brings back those memories of sunny Spanish beaches! P.S. does Fudge count as tapas?

A modern twist to our well loved and respected classic fudge recipe. Our Valencian orange fudge is crammed with Valencian Orange Oil extract fresh from Spain, offering an exciting flavour contrast between sweet and tangy! It’s the ultimate fruit flavoured, sweet treat.

Our fudge is 100% suitable for gluten free diets.


Sugar, Salted Butter 18% (Milk, Salt), Sweetened Condensed Milk (Milk, Sugar), Glucose Syrup, Golden Syrup, Emulsifier Soya Lecithin, Valencia Orange Oil 0.2%.


This product is exclusively available during the Christmas period.

Offer subject to availability & while stocks last

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