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Sirena - Tuna In Oil Italian Style (95g)

$2.69 ea

Salmon - Smoked Prepacked (100g) Royal Line

$6.99 ea

Sirena - Tuna In Springwater (185g)

$2.50 ea

Salmon - Smoked (200g) Royal Line

$12.99 ea

Huon Ocean Trout - Fillets (min 450g) Skin on, Deboned

$22.50 ea

Sirena - Tuna In Spring Water (95g)

$2.69 ea

Flathead - Fillets (min 450g) Skin Off, Deboned

$29.69 ea

Ling - Fillets (min 450g) Skin Off, Deboned

$13.49 ea

Sirena - Tuna With Chilli In Oil (95g)

$2.69 ea

Salmon - Smoked Prepacked (1kg) Ocean King

$22.99 ea

Blue Eye Cod - Fillets (min 450g) Skin On, Deboned

$26.99 ea

Trout - Smoked Fillet (80-200g) Snowy River

$5.99 ea

Prawns - Tiger Large (min 500g) Cooked

$22.49 ea

Huon Smoked Salmon - Slices (100g) Packet

$8.99 ea

Mussels - Blue (1kg pack) Live and Pot Ready

$12.99 ea

Prawns - King Large (min 500g) Green

$22.50 ea

Sirena - Tuna Lemon & Pepper (95g)

$2.69 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna In Spring Water 95g

$1.29 ea

Sashimi - Huon Salmon Sliced (min 100g)

$5.99 ea

Marinara Mix - Fresh Cut (min 500g)

$14.99 ea

Sirena - Tuna La Vita - Lite Chilli (95g)

$2.69 ea

Scallops - Meat (min 300g) Roe Off

$17.69 ea

Crab - Claw Meat Blue Swimmer (227g) Seavory

$15.99 ea

Ocean Delight - Red Salmon - Canned (212g)

$5.99 ea

Sirena - Tuna Puttanesca (95g)

$2.69 ea

Oysters - Sydney Rock Medium (1 doz)

$21.99 ea

Octopus - Fresh Baby (min 500g) Cleaned

$15.99 ea

Swordfish - Steak (min 300g) Deboned

$14.99 ea

Snapper - Baby (min 500g) Whole, Scaled, Gutted

$15.49 ea

Prawns - King Medium (min 500g) Raw

$14.99 ea

Salmon - Hot Smoked Pepper (150g) Dansti

$11.69 ea

Salmon - Smoked Tasmanian (200g) Harris Farm

$12.69 ea

Yellowfin Tuna - Steaks (min 450g) Skin Off, Deboned

$31.49 ea

Ocean Delight Chunk Tuna Springwater 425g

$3.99 ea

Santamaria - Sardines Hot (120g)

$1.99 ea

Santamaria - Sardines Tomato (120g)

$1.99 ea

La Nova Tuna In Oil Italian Style 95g

$1.69 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna in Brine 95g

$1.29 ea

King Dory - Fillets (min 420g) Skinned, Deboned

$14.29 ea

Sashimi- Kingfish Sliced (min 100g)

$8.00 ea

Ocean Delight - Pink Salmon (415g)

$5.29 ea

Loligo Squid -Whole Calamari Cleaned (min 500g)

$16.19 ea

Sashimi - Yellowfin Tuna Sliced (min 100g)

$13.00 ea

King Sardines In Olive Oil 105g

$4.29 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna Lemon/Pepper 95g

$1.29 ea

Sirena - Tuna Slices - Chilli & Oil (125g)

$3.29 ea


Seafood Prices Online

At Harris Farm Markets our main priority is to deliver great products at the best price, so you receive high quality products at a fraction of the cost. When you shop at Harris Farm Markets Online you know that your getting products from the fresh food experts, we're known as Premiers of Fresh Food in Sydney, so rest assured knowing you'll receive the highest of quality products. Our prices are competitive, to give you great quality products at amazing prices. 

Our Range

You can select from a range of quality fresh seafood From OCEAN TROUT - BONELESS FILLETS On Special at $39.99kg, SALMON CUTLET - PREPACKED $28.99kg or $7.25eaYou can also choose from fresh Cooked Tiger Prawns, Oysters and much, much more. We also have a selective range of Harris Farm seafood lines.

Delivery And Packaging

All our cold food is packed carefully in a insulated box packed with ice and delivered on a refrigerated truck, to ensure you that your cold items will arrive to you still cold and fresh. Our delivery options are convenient and hassle free, you can choose from a one hour window so there's no need for waiting around, there's also the option to have your seafood delivered direct to your home or office, and to also have it delivered on a Delivery FREE day where it's compatible within your zone. To find out more about our delivery options Click Here.