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Anchovy Spiced Herrings 550g Viking

$7.99 ea

Angelo Mackerel (125g)

$2.99 ea

Blue Eye Cod - Fillets (min 450g) Skin On, Deboned

$25.19 ea

Boarfish Fillets (min 450g) Skin off & Deboned

$13.49 ea

Calamari - Whole Cleaned (min 500g)

$12.49 ea

Crab - Blue Swimmer (min 350g) Cooked

$10.79 ea

Crab - Claw Meat Blue Swimmer (227g) Seavory

$12.99 ea

Delamaris Mackerel Picnic 125g

$2.19 ea

Delamaris Mackerel Salad Provencale 125g

$2.29 ea

Fish 4 Ever Anchovy In Olive Oil 95g

$9.99 ea

Fish 4 Ever Pink Salmon In Brine 160g

$7.95 ea

Fish 4 Ever Sardine In Tomato Sauce 125g

$5.99 ea

Fish4Ever Skipjack Tuna Chunks Brine 160g

$0.00 ea

Fish4Ever Yellowfin Tuna Brine 120g

$0.00 ea

Flathead - Fillets (min 450g) Skin Off, Deboned

$26.99 ea

Huon Ocean Trout - Fillets (min 450g) Skin on, Boned

$10.12 ea

Huon Smoked Salmon - Slices (100g) Packet

$8.99 ea

King Sardine In Tomato Sauce 105g

$3.99 ea

King Sardines In Olive Oil 105g

$3.99 ea

La Nova Tuna In Oil Italian Style 185g

$2.69 ea

La Nova Tuna In Oil Italian Style 95g

$1.59 ea

Ling - Fillets (min 450g) Skin Off, Deboned

$17.99 ea

Lumpfish Caviar - Black (50g)

$4.99 ea

Lumpfish Caviar - Red (50g)

$4.99 ea

Marinara Mix - Fresh Cut (min 500g)

$14.99 ea

Marlin Steaks (min 420g) Skin off & Deboned

$11.75 ea

Moreton Bay Bugs- Whole (min 250g) Cooked

$14.49 ea

Mussels - Blue (1kg pack) Live and Pot Ready

$12.99 ea

Ocean Delight - Red Salmon Tinned (415g)

$5.99 ea

Ocean Delight Chunk Tuna Oil 425g

$0.00 ea

Ocean Delight Chunk Tuna Springwater 425g

$0.00 ea

Ocean Delight Pink Salmon 212g

$3.69 ea

Ocean Delight Pink Salmon 415g

$4.99 ea

Ocean Delight Red Salmon 212g

$5.99 ea

Ocean Delight Sardines In Oil 125g

$1.99 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna Chilli 95g

$1.09 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna in Brine 95g

$1.29 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna In Spring Water 95g

$1.29 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna Lemon/Pepper 95g

$1.29 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna Sweet Chill 95g

$1.29 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna Tomato Basil 95g

$1.09 ea

Octopus - Fresh Baby (min 500g) Cleaned

$18.49 ea

Onion Herrings 550g Viking

$7.99 ea

Oysters - Pacific Large (1 doz) SFS

$23.99 ea

Oysters - Sydney Rock Medium (1 doz)

$19.99 ea

Prawns - King Large (min 500g) Green

$21.99 ea

Prawns - Mixed Raw Cutlets (min 500g)

$19.99 ea

Prawns - Tiger Large (min 500g) Cooked

$21.99 ea

Seafood Delivery Sydney

Harris Farm Markets have made it possible through careful packaging and quick delivery for customers to choose Seafood Delivery Sydney any time, anywhere. Have fresh seafood delivered direct to your doorstep and at your own convenience when ordering with Harris Farm. If its your first time ordering seafood with Harris Farm online, rest assure that we deliver fresh products as we are a company you can trust. 

Freshest Seafood

Harris Farm Markets is committed in providing customers with the freshest products. Our seafood is not just fresh, but is delivered in one of the freshest logistics system in Sydney, a reason to why most of our customers are highly satisfied with us. We have a buying team that has great experience when it comes to carefully choosing the best quality seafood. They make sure that they purchase only from the best growers and suppliers in order to acquire high quality foods. You can also enjoy our weekly specials which are carefully picked by our team and our founder, David Harris.

Our Range

Fish delivery Sydney can be delivered in two ways, fresh or frozen. There are different types of fish and seafood that you can choose from Harris Farm Markets including Yellowfin Tuna Steaks, Huon Atlantic Salmon Fillets, Huon Ocean Trout Fillets, Ling Fillets, Flathead Fillets, Blue Eye Cod Fillets, Barramundi Fillets. Other seafood such as Whole WA Calamari, Raw Prawn Meat, Cooked Tiger Prawns, Fresh Scallop Meat, Pacific Oysters are also available.