Prosciutto e Fichi



A very Italian flavour pairing, prosciutto e fichi (cured ham and figs) makes for a great, not-too-heavy but flavour-packed summer appetiser





  1. Arrange the prosciutto on a serving platter, then lay the quartered figs in the centre. Serve with toasted bread on the side so each can either make his own open-faced sandwich or just enjoy them separately. 


Note: Although fantastic on its own or as part of a larger antipasti/small bites spread, #HarrisFarmFoodie Valeria Necchio loves it alongside some sharp, mature pecorino as well as some fresh ricotta drizzled with some grassy olive oil and sprinkled with salt and fresh oregano; lots of crusty toasted bread; and a glass of chilled prosecco.

Ingredients for Prosciutto e Fichi

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