Derivan Health eClean Dishwashing Detergent Concentrate 500ml

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Derivan Health e-Clean - Dishwashing Detergent Concentrate (500mL)


* 1 bottle makes 12.5L of Hand Dish Detergent
* Naturally derived, sustainable & biodegradable
* Outperforms ordinary detergents
* Safe to use, no phosphates, butyls,or petroleum based ingredients

Product Description:

Naturally derived, concentrated detergent for dishes, pots and pans. Rinses freely. highly concentrated one bottle will make up 25 bottles of 500ml washing up liquid, natural and safe detergent for dishes, glasses, pots and cutlery. Outstanding durability even in cold, greasy water, long lasting suds, very gentle to skin. Grey water and septic safe.


Add a small amount to sink while water is running to build suds. Wash & rinse with hot water. Grey water and septic safe. Store in a cool, dry place.

Contains (ie. Active ingredients):

Advanced proprietary surfactant blend, sodium benzoate.


* Keep out of reach of children.
* Avoid ingestion, eye contact & prolonged contact with skin.
* In case of contact, flush with water.
* If in doubt seek medical advice

GECA license number:

New GECA standards:06-2013 CPv2.2-2012 Cleaning Products.



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