Derivan Health eClean Window Cleaner Concentrate 500ml

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Derivan Health e-Clean - Window Cleaner Concentrate (500mL)


* 1 bottle makes 32L of Window Cleaner
* Naturally derived, sustainable & biodegradable
* Outperforms ordinary cleaning formulations
* Safe to use, no ammonia, butyl, or aerosols

Product Description:

Non-streaking window & glass cleaner. highly concentrated -1 bottle makes 64 ready to use 500ml bottles. Naturally derived, free of Ammonia, Butyl, Aerosols, Petroleum distillates & Acids.Works on contact to remove oils, fingerprints, soil, water spots, etc., with minimal wiping. Cleans, degreases and de-oils glass, mirrors and plastic in one application. Leaves a monomolecular shield to resist rapid re-soiling. Free of residue forming detergents, hard to wipe vinegar and acids. Is safe for use on metal, glass, chrome, car windscreens, vinyl, plastic/plexiglass, stainless steel, tiles, computer & hand held devices screens, gym equipment, and other surfaces not harmed by water.


To make 500ml of decanted product, add water to the following amounts of concentrate: 15mls for streak free glass cleaning, or 60 mls to clean very dirty glass. Spray surface to be cleaned and wipe dry with paper towel, clean cloth or newspaper. Agitate minimally to remove fingerprints, water spots and oil from the surface. Grey water and septic safe. Store in a cool, dry place.

Contains (ie. active ingredients):

Advanced proprietary surfactant blend, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate


* Keep out of reach of children.
* Avoid ingestion, eye contact & prolonged contact with skin.
* In case of contact, flush with water.
* If in doubt seek medical advice

GECA license number:

New GECA standards:06-2013 CPv2.2-2012 Cleaning Products



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