Ecostore Dish Liquid Ultra Sensitive 1L

$8.49 ea

Ecostore Ultra Sensitive Dish Liquid

This powerfully concentrated plant and mineral-based formulation gets dishes and glassware sparkling clean and grease-free with just a squirt, while being kinder to hands. It's dermatologically tested and pH balanced, so ideal for sensitive skin.

- Approved by Sensitive Choice®
- Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
- Free from fragrance and colourants
- Safer for those with allergies or asthma

Recycled and Sugar Plastic
The bottles contain a mix of sugar plastic (a renewable, recyclable plastic that captures CO2 as it grows) and locally sourced recycled plastic.

Safer for our Environnment
Approved by NZ's premier eco-labelling authority Environmental Choice (Licence No. 5819160). This is their guarantee that they are committed to environmental leadership and that these products are less harmful to the environment. By using a more natural dish cleaner you're reducing the toxic chemicals that go into your septic tank or local water treatment system. Please note: wastewater from your kitchen sink is classed as 'black water' and therefore not suitable for reuse on gardens, due to possible contamination from food.

Sustainable Manufacturing
Ultra Sensitive Dish Liquid is Kosher (pareve) certified. Made in NZ to the strictest environmental standards ISO14001, Enviromark Diamond and CarboNZero certified factory.


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