Ecostore Toilet Cleaner Antibacterial Eucalyptus 500ml

$7.99 ea

Eucalyptus Toilet Cleaner

Proven to kill common household bacteria, without resorting to nasty chemicals. The nozzle is specially designed to easily get under the rim. And while it effectively eliminates bacteria, It's gentle on toilet surfaces and the environment.
- Antibacterial action kills salmonella, e.coli, staphylococcus and enterococcus
- Made from plant-based ingredients
- Eucalyptus scent for a fresh smelling bathroom
- Suitable for septic tanks

Recycled and Sugar Plastic
The bottles contain a mix of sugar plastic (a renewable, recyclable plastic that captures CO2 as it grows) and locally sourced recycled plastic.

Safer for our Environnment
The ingredients in the Toilet Cleaner are safer for the environment and suitable for septic tanks.

Sustainable Manufacturing
Toilet Cleaner Cleaner is made in NZ to the strictest environmental standards in our ISO14001, Enviromark Diamond and CarboNZero certified factory.

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