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Beef Burgers (min 500g)

$10.00 ea

Beef Buy

There are many benefits to trying Beef Buy with Harris Farm Markets. Travelling to the local butchers or supermarkets can be very inconvenient especially for someone with a busy schedule. There is always that hassle of lining up in stores, waiting to be served and trying to find parking space. Unfortunately purchasing beef from local stores also leaves you with limited options. At Harris Farm Markets we sell quality and affordable beef but also deliver direct to your home or office at your convenience. 

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We guarantee that if you purchase beef online with Harris Farm; you will receive the weight of the products you have purchased or more. We make sure that the beef products you buy online are packed the way you would have personally chosen at the store. Ordering has never been easier and can be done at your own convenient time at your home or office. We use the safest and most secure system to protect your credit card information and other personal details.

A Wide Selection of Quality Beef

You can have varied choices if you buy beef at Harris Farm Markets. You can choose from Beef Scotch Fillet Steak, Beef Sirloin Steak, YG Beef Strips, Beef YG BBQ Blade Steak, Beef New York Steak, Beef Eye Fillet Steak, Beef Chuck Steak and many more. We are also selling beef sausagesIn order to make sure that your orders will arrive fresh; our expert staff will pack them carefully and deliver in one of the best logistic systems in Sydney.