Antipodes Decaf Espresso 200ml

$25.00 ea

Antipodes Decaf Espresso

Antipodes Gin was born in 2015: an ethical and sustainable spirits enterprise that its owners, three friends close since childhood, would be proud to hand to the next generation.

The Antipodes Gin Co. is Australia’s first certified organic, carbon neutral spirits company. All products are vegan friendly.

We wanted our business to have less impact on the environment, to promote sustainability, to not use any GMOs or ingredients that have been exposed to pesticides and we also wanted to work alongside likeminded, ethically motivated suppliers and farmers that work in harmony with nature and our lands.” Shane Reid, Director.

With its 100% renewable electricity target, Canberra, Australia’s capital city in the ACT is the perfect launch pad for this distillery. Organic certification is provided by ACO, which is compatible with many international certification programs and we are carbon neutral through Carbon Neutral Australia and their ‘Plant a tree’ program. Our uniquely Australian Gins and spirits are carefully created from separate botanical distillations ensuring that every batch is consistent from the previous and that each botanical shines bright.

Australia’s first certified organic decaffeinated coffee liqueur. Antipodes Decaf Espresso is a connected and sublime experience of our house-made organic vodka nested with specially selected Typica ‘Café Feminino’ beans from the Lambayeque Penachi region in the far north of Peru. 100% certified organic /fair trade beans from exclusively female owned and managed farms. A world first, an Australian first. Coffee without the caffeine via Swiss water processing of washing and sun-dried with no chemicals ensure a silky smooth coffee celebration, indulgent over ice or ice-cream or happily mixing into coffee inspired cocktails that can be enjoyed well past your bedtime.

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