Pepe's Duck - Duck Leg (min 180g)

$7.99 ea
  • Pepe's Duck - Duck Leg (min 180g)
  • Pepe's Duck - Duck Leg (min 180g)
  • Pepe's Duck - Duck Leg (min 180g)

Pepe's Duck - Duck Leg

As a family owned and run business, Pepe's Ducks prides itself on operating on strong company values, where its people are the heart of the business. This dedication and love of the job ensures that every duck to leave Pepe's is of the highest quality and standards.

It's a brand that has been built on quality, value, service, innovation and trust – the recognition of which is reflected on the many awards Pepe's Ducks have been honoured to receive over the years.


2011 Australian Biosecurity Farmer of the Year

2011 Australian Livestock Producer of the Year - Finalist

2010 NSW Farmer of the Year - Finalist

2010 Bayle (France) Asia Pacific Customer Excellence Award


Did You Know?

  • Duck meat is an excellent source of protein, phosphorus, riboflavin, iron, zinc, vitamin B6, thiamine, vitamin B12, folate and magnesium.
  • Without the skin, it has a lower calorie intake than a piece of skinless chicken. 100g of cooked duck breast meat, without skin, contains 140 calories. 100g of cooked chicken breast meat, without skin, contains 165 calories.
  • Duck meat contains high levels of niacin. A 100g portion of duck meat provides 50% of the body's daily niacin requirements – proven to help metabolise fats in the body and lower levels of cholesterol.
  • The Peking Duck, the most popular choice of duck consumption today, dates back to the Yuan (Mongol) dynasty in China.
  • Domestic ducks have been kept for food consumption for at least 4000 years across the world.
  • Pepe's Ducks produces around 80,000 ducks a week, that's 320,000 a month and 3,840,000 ducks a year.

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