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Harris Farm is very proud to support Sydney Legacy with “Operation Rosemary” for the 9th consecutive year; helping to support over 52,000 Australian families suffering an incapacitating injury or death of a loved one during their defence force service. Australians have worn a sprig of rosemary - the “remembrance herb” - on their lapels for decades as a sign of remembrance and respect for our fallen and wounded diggers.⠀

In what has become an annual tradition, the Harris family has grown rosemary on their farm donated by Peter Lynch in the Megalong Valley. In a normal year, the local community in Megalong gathers about a week before Anzac Day to harvest the whole crop. Harris Farm usually donates most of this to Legacy, who then break it up into small sprigs for their volunteers to sell for a gold coin at various ceremonies around Sydney. The remaining rosemary, if any, we bunch and sell in our shops and donate those proceeds to Legacy. These efforts in initial years raised a small amount and this has now grown to over $100,000 dollars a year. Sadly, due to the events that have transpired this year & the social distancing measures now in place upon us all, none of this will happen and Legacy will miss out on the funds they need to provide safety, care and support to defence families. This is compounded by the fact that Anzac Day celebrations will be compromised, reducing the likely impact of Legacy fundraising this year. To kick off donations this year, each member of the Harris family are buying a $1000 bunch each, and we'd love you to get on board to help this great cause.⠀

This Anzac Day - though it may be one in isolation - you can still show your support for our veterans and their families at Harris Farm. Bunches of rosemary will be available form today in our online store, or you can pick some up in person at your local from Saturday. We will be selling bunches for both $7 or $50; they’re the same bunches, but you can choose at which price point you would like to donate, with all proceeds going straight to Legacy. Otherwise, you can also support them with a cash donation at the check-out.⠀

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