Strawberry and Kale Salad


This healthy salad is so easy to prepare and is delicious and satisfying. 



  1. Place 1 cup of quinoa and 1 cup of water in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Turn the heat down to low and cover the saucepan with a lid. Leave for 15 mintues or until all the water has evaporated.
  2. Chop strawberries, kale and almonds. ‘Massage’ the kale to help soften it before adding in the cooled quinoa, strawberries and almonds. Toss these ingredients.
  3. Mix the lemon, olive oil and honey in a small bowl and use to dress the salad. Enjoy right away or leave for a few hours to let the dressing infuse with the kale leaves (As the kale doesn’t wilt quickly this salad can be made a day ahead for an easy and delicious lunch). 

Note: You can substitute the almonds for any other nut or seed; the quinoa for similar seeds or whole grains; the strawberries for other fruits; the kale for another dark leafy green.

Recipe by The Three Seedlings @threeseedlings.