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Salmon - Smoked (200g) Royal Line

$12.99 ea

Flathead - Fillets (min 450g) Skin Off, Deboned

$29.69 ea

Huon Ocean Trout - Fillets (min 450g) Skin on, Deboned

$22.50 ea

Huon Smoked Salmon - Slices (100g) Packet

$8.99 ea

Salmon - Smoked Prepacked (100g) Royal Line

$6.99 ea

Ling - Fillets (min 450g) Skin Off, Deboned

$17.99 ea

Salmon - Smoked Prepacked (1kg) Ocean King

$26.99 ea

Marinara Mix - Fresh Cut (min 500g)

$14.99 ea

Scallops - Meat (min 300g) Roe Off

$17.69 ea

Prawns - Tiger Large (min 500g) Cooked

$22.49 ea

Prawns - King Large (min 500g) Green

$22.99 ea

Snapper - Baby (min 500g) Whole, Scaled, Gutted

$15.49 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna In Spring Water 95g

$1.29 ea

Oysters - Sydney Rock Medium (1 doz)

$17.99 ea

Prawns - Tiger Medium (min 500g) Cooked

$18.00 ea

Loligo Squid -Whole Calamari Cleaned (min 500g)

$16.19 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna in Brine 95g

$1.29 ea

Ocean Delight Sardines In Oil 125g

$2.29 ea

Ocean Delight - Pink Salmon (415g)

$5.29 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna Lemon/Pepper 95g

$1.29 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna Tomato Basil 95g

$1.29 ea

Santamaria - Sardines Tomato (120g)

$1.50 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna Chilli 95g

$1.29 ea

Santamaria - Sardines Hot (120g)

$1.50 ea

Ocean Delight Tuna Sweet Chill 95g

$1.29 ea

King Sardines In Olive Oil 105g

$4.29 ea

Angelo Mackerel (125g)

$3.29 ea

La Nova Tuna In Oil Italian Style 95g

$1.69 ea

Fish4Ever - Pink Salmon - In Brine (160g)

$8.49 ea

Sole Mare - Tuna Paella (185g)

$3.29 ea

Fish 4 Ever Sardine In Tomato Sauce 125g

$6.29 ea

King Sardine In Tomato Sauce 105g

$4.29 ea

Delamaris - Mackerel Picnic (125g)

$2.49 ea

Snapper - Large (min 1.7kg) Whole, Scaled, Gutted

$52.68 ea

Prawns - Tiger XLarge (min 1kg) Cooked

$49.99 ea

Snapper - Medium (min1kg) Whole, Scaled, Gutted

$30.99 ea

Oysters - Pacific Large (1 doz) SFS

$27.99 ea

Crab - Cooked Blue Swimmer (350g) Cleaned

$12.59 ea

Delamaris Mackerel Salad Provencale 125g

$2.29 ea

Ocean Delight Chunk Tuna Oil 425g

$3.99 ea

Ocean Delight Chunk Tuna Springwater 425g

$3.99 ea

Mackerel - Smoked Fillets (150g-250g) Harris Smokehouse

$12.80 ea

Sardine - Smoked Fillets (150-250g) Harris Smokehouse

$14.00 ea

Trout - Smoked Fillet (110-160g) Snowy River

$5.99 ea

Seafood Delivered Sydney

When it comes to choosing seafood it's hard to pick what you want when you can't see it. Here at Harris Farm Markets Online we have trained experts in the field who strive to obtain nothing but the highest of quality products,so rest assured that you will have someone working for you on that choice, they have an eye to look out for exceptional quality. When you shop with us online you get value for your money, high quality products at amazing prices!!

Our Products

We have a wide range of Fresh and Long Life products to choose from. In our fresh seafood range you can choose from,  Pre-packed Boneless Salmon Fillet  it's such a versatile cut of fish which can be used in various ways, or if your feeling a bit peckish and want something light try our Royal Line Smoked Salmon which is great for canapes or on top of crackers with a delicious dip such as Michael's Tzatziki Dip which go well together. There's also John Dory Fillets and Ling FilletsPrawns, Oysters and Mussels.

In our Long Life range we have Ocean Delight, Sirena, Santamaria and Fish 4 Ever.

How It's Packed And Sent

Here at Harris Farm Markets Online our fresh seafood is packed into a insulated foam box, packed with Ice and delivered on a refrigerated truck to ensure you receive your fresh fish nice and cool and ready to be put in the fridge or freezer. Our products are bought in the wee hours of the morning, direct from the Sydney Fish Markets.

With our convenient delivery method you can tailor it to your specific needs. You can have your order delivered in a one hour window so there's no waiting around for your delivery, you can also leave requirements on your order such as "please use the side door, there's a flight of stairs to my front door or if not home please leave at back door" whatever you requirements may be we can assure you that it will be a hassle free one. If you would like to find out more  on our delivery methods please click Here.