Quick and Easy Chicken Curry


A delectable, flavoursome chicken curry is easily within reach.Chicken thigh fillets have more flavour than breast fillets and great for slow cooking and curries. Using a curry paste and the right cut of chicken means you can have a great curry on the table within 30 mins, or less!

How to cook a chicken curry... without a recipe

A quick and easy curry need not be by the book. Take on board these ingredient tips and you can prepare a simple and tasty curry in less than 30 minutes suited to your palette.

Ingredients... hints and tips

  • Choose chicken thighs: they’re inexpensive, easy to trim and prepare, they’ll give your curry great flavour, and they’ll stay moist.
  • Curry paste: it’s a matter of what style you like. Choose from Indian, Thai, or even Indonesian and Malay curry pastes. The trick here is to start with the lesser amount and add more to taste. Use coconut milk if you like a creamy curry or a can of diced tomatoes if you prefer.Tip:punch up the flavour of the curry paste with the Asian trio of garlic, ginger and lemongrass.
  • Vegies: potatoes or sweet potato are good additions, as are red or green capsicums. A handful of frozen peas added at the end add colour and texture.
  • Herbs:you can’t go wrong with basil or coriander, add at the end to season.
  • Steamed rice:long-grained Thai or Basmati.
  • Curry sides:mango chutney and lime pickle are probably the most popular.


  1. Dice chicken thighs into 2-3cm cubes and toss with a little oil. Heat the wok or large heavy based pan until very hot, then add the chicken.

  2. If you’re cooking, more than abut 400g cook it in two batches.

  3. Do not move it in the wok or pan for at least a minute or two or it will stick. Try to let each surface come in contact with the wok for a few minutes before stirring.This will help the chicken to become well coloured on all sides and cook more evenly.

  4. Add the curry paste, cook for 1 minute, before adding vegies paste and coconut milk. Cook until the chicken is just tender.