Pickled Qukes



Not only good for Scrabble, Qukes can be an easy home-made gift for friends and family at Christmas; enjoy them later with burgers, sandwiches, salads and festive foods!

Pickled Qukes


Makes 1 large or 2 small bottles.


            1. Chop the ends off the fresh Qukes, and slice into quarters lengthways. Arrange them on a plate cut side up and sprinkle with the salt. Leave them for an hour, then tip off excess liquid, rinse and pat dry. 
            2. In a saucepan, bring the white wine vinegar and sugar to the boil. Once the sugar has completely dissolved, reduce heat to low and add the mustard seeds, peppercorns and cloves. Simmer for five minutes then remove from heat. 
            3. Wash your pickling bottles; arrange the salted Qukes in the bottles, and push the bay leaves and chopped dill in among the Qukes. Pour the pickling liquid into the bottles, being sure to cover all the Qukes, and seal. Allow to rest for 4 – 7 days before using. 

            *Note: These pickles need to be stored in the fridge. If you want to make pickles for long term storage out of the fridge, be sure to sterilise and boil the jars before sealing.


                Recipe thanks to our #HarrisFarmFoodie of the week, Alison Burdon.

                Ingredients for Pickled Qukes

                Golden Shore White Sugar 1kg

                $1.99 ea

                Fresh Herbs Dill Bunch

                $4.99 ea

                Fresh Herbs Bay Leaves Punnet

                $3.99 ea

                Spice and Co Cloves Whole 30g

                $3.29 ea

                Spice and Co Cloves Whole 30g

                $3.69 ea

                Spice and Co Pepper Black Whole 60g

                $3.69 ea

                Spice and Co Mustard Seeds Yellow 80g

                $3.69 ea

                Cucumber Qukes Bucket

                $0.00 ea