Northern Chinese Lamb Dumplings


Northern Chinese Lamb Dumplings

Northern Chinese Lamb Dumplings

We used store-bought gow gee wrappers and 3 star lamb mince (17% fat content) which helps keep the meat moist and makes up the nice broth inside the dumpling skin.


For the Northern Chinese Lamb Dumplings:

For the Northern Chinese Lamb Dumpling filling:

To serve:


To make Northern Chinese Lamb Dumpling filling:

  1. Place onion with 1 tablespoon peanut oil in a small pan and cook on low heat until the onion is soft and translucent. Transfer to a large mixing bowl.
  2. To the same pan, add 2 tablespoons peanut oil and shredded wombok. Cook over low heat until the cabbage has wilted and halved in volume.
  3. Transfer to your mixing bowl.
  4. Add garlic chives, Worcestershire sauce, ground cumin and coriander seeds and black pepper. Mix well.
  5. Add mince and using your hands mix the filling until well combined.

To make Northern Chinese Lamb Dumplings:

  1. Take a heaped teaspoon of the filling and place in the middle of the gow gee pastry round.
  2. Brush the inside edges of the pastry with a little water to help them stick.
  3. Fold the pastry in half and stick edges together.
  4. You should end up with a half moon-shaped dumpling. Now, working from one end to another, crimp the pastry seal all the way around.
  5. Set aside and repeat with the rest of the dumplings.

To cook Northern Chinese Lamb Dumplings:

  1. You can cook these in rapidly boiling water for 3-4 minutes, but steaming them in a traditional bamboo steamer is a more delicate process that won't rip the pastry.
  2. Place 4-5 dumplings in a bamboo steamer lined with baking paper and set over a pot of boiling water.
  3. Steam for 8 minutes - just make sure to fill up the pot to about half way after every 3 batches.
  4. When ready, (drain boiled dumplings - no need to do this for steamed) and transfer to a pan set over medium heat, greased with extra peanut oil - they may splatter a little.
  5. Cook until they are lightly browned and crisp on the bottom.

To serve:

  1. Serve hot dumplings with a side of a soy, ginger and spring onion dipping sauce. Leftover dumplings can be reheated in a microwave and re-fried.

Recipe by Martyna | Wholesome Cook
Prep: 20 mins. Cook: 15 mins. Total 35 mins.
Serves 4 (makes 30).

Ingredients for Northern Chinese Lamb Dumplings

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