Mini Balsamic Bruschetta


Try this simple share plate with half the fuss of normal bruschetta and added balsamic punch. 

Mini Balsamic Bruschetta


  • Baguette
  • Approx. 12 (about 1 x 250g punnet) cherry truss tomatoes or medley tomatoes
  • Harris Farm Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar
  • 180g Bocconcini
  • Approx. 24 fresh basil leaves


          1. Slice up Baguette and lightly toast
          2. Slice up cherry tomatoes in halves
          3. Slice up bocconcini
          4. on top of toasted baguette, place two basil leaves, two halves of cherry tomato and sliced bocconcini
          5. Drizzle over the carmelised balsamic vinegar to taste


              Ingredients for Mini Balsamic Bruschetta


              Tomato Cherry Truss min 300g

              $3.60 ea

              Tomato Mix A Mato 400g

              $3.99 ea

              Tomato Sampari Cocktail Truss 250g

              $3.50 ea

              Harris Farm Cherry Bocconcini Cheese 180g

              $4.99 ea

              Fresh Herbs Basil Bunch

              $2.00 ea

              Fresh Herbs Organic Dill Bunch

              $4.99 ea