Mango Imperfect Each

$1.50 ea

Scruffy Mangoes

Straight from the top end. These rough and tumble guys have no interest in appearances. Their skin is scratched and scuffed from the tree they grew in. but you can bet they are super sweet on the inside. Best eaten in the sun!

SeasonalĀ mangoes picked.


IMPERFECT PICKSĀ is our seasonal range of fruit and vegetables that might not look perfect from the outside, but are as perfect as ever on the inside.

IMPERFECT PICKSĀ helps reduce the astonishing statistic that 25% of farmers crops currently never leave the farm gate simply because they are a bit ugly, and do not meet the visual specifications of some consumers and supermarkets (Horticulture Australia).This means that every time you buy an IMPERFECT PICK you will be helping us take more of the farmerā€™s crops, helping reduce food wastage, and most importantly saving up to 50%.

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