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Apple Fuji Imperfect Each

$0.74 ea

Apple Pink Lady Imperfect Box 12kg

$20.00 ea

Apple Pink Lady Imperfect Each

$0.36 ea

Apples Delicious Imperfect Pick (each)

$0.45 ea

Avocado Imperfect min 600g

$2.81 ea

Fuyu Imperfect min 500g

$3.50 ea

Grapefruit Ruby Red Imperfect Each

$1.52 ea

Imperfect Pick Beetroot and Dill Dip 180g

$5.29 ea

Imperfect Pick Sweet Potato Spicy Dip 180g

$5.29 ea

Imperfect Picks Fruit Box

$20.00 ea

Imperfect Picks Value Box

$40.00 ea

Imperfect Picks Veggie Box

$20.00 ea

Lemon Imperfect Each

$0.74 ea

Mandarin Imperfect Min 1kg

$2.99 ea

Mandarins Afourer Imperfect Box 9kg

$17.99 ea

Mango Imperfect Each

$0.56 ea

Nectarine White Imperfect Each

$0.68 ea

Nectarine Yellow Imperfect Each

$0.91 ea

Oranges Navel Imperfect Each

$0.50 ea

Peach White Imperfect Each

$0.91 ea

Pear Imperfect Each

$0.71 ea

Plums Imperfect min 1kg

$4.49 ea

Potato Imperfect min 1kg

$2.29 ea

Sweet Potato Kumera Imperfect min 1kg

$4.29 ea

Zucchini Black Imperfect Box 10kg

$30.00 ea

Zucchini Black Imperfect min 500g

$3.00 ea


Introducing our new IMPERFECT PICKS range. These fruit and vegetables might not look perfect from the outside, but are as perfect as ever on the inside – and the benefits of these IMPERFECT PICKS means you can help Aussie farmers, the environment and your hip pocket.

Did you know that every time a farmer harvests their crops there is a large percentage (25% of production according to Horticulture Australia) that never leaves the farm gate simply because it’s a bit ugly, and does not meet the visual specifications of some consumers and supermarkets?

This fruit and veg still comes from the best farmers in Australia, but would have been left unsold and unloved for no reason other than a small blemish, a weird shape or a funny lump.

In order to create IMPERFECT PICKS, we have taken the big step of changing our specifications on a selected group of products. Our team will make their decisions based on the freshness of the product and how it tastes, not on how it looks.

This means that every time you buy an Imperfect Pick you will be helping us take more of the farmer’s crops, help to reduce food wastage, and help Aussie families save money. So why not help us start to make a change.

#IMPERFECTPICKS start the conversation today.