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Ablas Pastries Mixed Baclava 300g

Product of Australia

$0.00 ea

Almonds Dry Roasted 500g HFM

Product of Australia

$6.99 ea

Almonds Smoked 400g Harris Farm

Product of Australia

$6.99 ea

Anchovy Spiced Herrings 550g Viking

Product of Australia

$7.99 ea

Angelo Mackerel 125g

Product of Australia

$2.99 ea

Apricots Dried (min 200g)

Product of Turkey

$2.60 ea


 Have you been shopping with Harris Farm Markets Grocery store for your regular groceries and have been satisfied with the quality of the produce? Why not use our home delivery service as well? Same quality and produce you find at the shop, just delivered to your kitchen bench, saving you all the hassle of going to the shop, shopping yourself and bringing it all the way back home and carrying everything inside yourself. You can rest assured that our premium online service will cater for all your grocery needs.

You will find that our online grocery store offers all our famous products, such as our delicious yoghurt, huge range of cheeses from all around the world and deliciously prepared ready-to-cook butcher items. 


Our delivery system is second to none and you can rest assured that the products you have ordered will get to your kitchen as fresh as possible within a day. We don't pack your order 1 day in advance, ensuring that the fruit and veg you've ordered is packed on the same day and kept in a cool room before despatch. We pack it in boxes with minimal use of plastic bags, doing our part for the environment. The cold products are kept in a cool bag with ice inside so it kept chilled before despatch and on it way for delivery. Then it is delivered in a refrigerated van by our friendly driver who will carry the goods to your kitchen bench. 

So why not try our online service for yourself today. We are also currently giving free delivery first 3 orders with a spend of more than $80, so you can see for yourself what our existing customer are raving about. It's fast, easy and convenient and saves you a lot of time do something you really want.

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