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Chef's Choice Himalayan Pink Fine Salt 300g

$4.99 ea

Chef's Choice Organic Aioli 185g

$4.49 ea

Nonna Panini Di Casa x6

$3.99 ea

Spice and Co Paprika Smoked 60g

$3.29 ea

Spice and Co Paprika Sweet 60g

$3.29 ea
Did you get to take advantage of last week's offer for the Beef Chuck Ribs recipe ingredients? If not, don't miss out on this week's 25% discount on the five key ingredients for our DELICIOUS PULLED PORK BURGER WITH A CRUNCHY EDGE recipe featuring the Curious Cut of the Week - Pork Oyster Shoulder. Renowned for its rich mouth feel, this off-the-bone cut's textured nature makes it a sensation for holding flavour and perfect for glazing. 

Along with the Pork Oyster Shoulder ($7.49/kg, normally $9.99/kg), you will also get 25% OFF Himalayan Salt Ground 300g ($3.74 each, normally $4.99 each), Spice & Co Paprika - Smoked ($2.47, normally $3.29 each), Nonna Panini Di Casa 6 Pack ($2.95, normally $3.95 each) and Chef Organic Mayo or Chef Organic Aioli Sauce ($2.99, normally $3.99 each) until Thursday, 16th July. 

Two ways to take advantage of this fantastic offer: 
  1. In Store: Present your Friend of the Farm barcode at the register before close of business Thursday. Your Friend of the Farm barcode is unique to you and is the same every week - so print it off once and keep it in your purse or wallet or simply save it on your smart phone.
  2. Shop Online: Apply the code “OYSTERSHOULDER” into the discount section at the checkout. Shop now!
Need some expert tips on how to prepare this recipe? Drop by your local Harris Farm Markets store tomorrow (Saturday 11th July) to sample the cut and have a chat with our resident Curious Cuts chef. Click here to find out what time your store will be serving tomorrow.