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Broccoli (head)

$1.62 ea

Bananas Large (5 pieces)

$2.62 ea

Avocado Small (each)

$1.50 ea

Capsicum Red (each)

$1.71 ea

Cucumber Lebanese (500g)

$5.15 ea

Strawberries Large (250g punnet)

$1.99 ea

Blueberries (125g punnet)

$3.50 ea

Lemons (each)

$1.00 ea

Carrots Medium (1kg Bag)

$1.99 ea

Zucchini Black (each)

$0.70 ea

Onions Brown (each)

$0.50 ea

Apples Pink Lady (each)

$0.91 ea

Beans - Hand Picked (min 400g pack)

$4.52 ea

Water Melon Seedless - Cut qtr (each)

$4.78 ea

Garlic (head)

$1.87 ea

Onions Spanish (each)

$0.88 ea

Broccolini (bunch)

$3.49 ea

Asparagus (bunch)

$3.49 ea

Tomatoes Truss (4 pieces)

$3.98 ea

Coriander (bunch)

$2.99 ea

Raspberries (125g punnet)

$3.99 ea

Corn Loose (each)

$1.29 ea

Sweet Potatoes Kumera (min 1kg pack)

$1.49 ea

Bananas Imperfect Pick Value Range (5 in a bunch)

$2.09 ea

Mushrooms Button (min 400g loose)

$5.40 ea

Ginger (min 100g piece)

$2.80 ea

Strawberries Premium (250g punnet)

$2.29 ea

Carrots Loose (each)

$0.52 ea

Corn Prepack (3-4 pieces)

$4.49 ea

Snow Peas (250g)

$3.67 ea

Celery (half)

$2.29 ea

Avocado Large (each)

$3.49 ea

Cauliflower (whole)

$2.50 ea

Parsley Continental (bunch)

$2.99 ea

Kale (bunch)

$0.80 ea

Mandarins Imperial (each)

$0.37 ea

Apples Granny Smith (each)

$0.85 ea

Cauliflower (half)

$1.99 ea

Pumpkin Butternut (Cut)

$3.49 ea

Tomatoes Cherry (punnet)

$2.99 ea

Cucumber Telegraph (each)

$1.49 ea

Lettuce Iceberg (whole)

$3.99 ea

Mushrooms Button (200g)

$4.49 ea

Kumera Imperfect Pick Value Range (Each = min 1kg)

$2.49 ea

Carrots Small Prepack (500g)

$1.29 ea

Tomatoes Sweet Delights (200g)

$4.99 ea

Leek (each)

$2.99 ea

Limes (each)

$0.66 ea

Oranges Navel Large (each)

$1.47 ea

Basil (bunch)

$5.69 ea

Buk Choy Baby (bunch of 2-3)

$2.29 ea

Capsicum Green (each)

$2.00 ea

Grapes White (min 400g pack)

$6.28 ea

Pears Packham Large (each)

$0.87 ea

Shallots (bunch)

$2.99 ea

Fresh Fruits Vegetables

Harris Farm Markets is well known for the freshness they deliver when it comes to their fruit and vegetables. We have experts in the field to ensure you receive nothing but the best and highest of quality. The best thing about shopping with us at Harris Farm, whether your in the store or online you still receive excellent great tasting produce. 


Shopping online with Harris Farm Markets couldn't have been any better, with the way technology and internet has evolved it makes that all important shopping trip that much easier. whether we have busy schedules, have fallen ill or become new parents we always seem to find it hard to dedicate some extra time to go to the local supermarket and pick up our fruits and vegetables we need. With our simple and easy website getting groceries in the home is faster and easier than it seems, with all our products available at your fingertips your fruits and vegetables are only a click away from being on your kitchen bench top.

Delivery Options

Our delivery methods are simple and have a lot of different avenues that you could use. You Can choose to have same day delivery by following these steps

  • All morning time slots, when made available, close for ordering at 3pm prior day.
  • Afternoon and evening time slots cut off as follows:
Premium one hour time slots cut off 6 hours before the starting time (i.e. 3PM - 4PM closes for ordering at 9AM - same day)
Standard 3 hour time slots cut off as follows:
- midday to 3pm: close for ordering at 6am, same day.
- 3pm to 7pm: close for ordering at 10am, same day.
- 7pm to 10pm: close for ordering at 2pm, same day.

If traffic plays havoc we might be 20mins early or late.

  • We thank you for your patience and will happily refund your delivery fee if you notify us of a problem.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed on all products! 

As well as track your order and leave requirements on your order, such as "please come to the sliding door, or my daughter will receive my order on my behalf", whatever your requirements may be, we can assure you that they will be met.