Crispy Skin Salmon with Celeriac Salad



  • 1 Salmon side  

  • 1 small celeriac  

  • ½ bunch chives  

  • 2 Tbsp capers  

  • 1 Tbsp seeded mustard  

  • 1Tbsp mayo 

  • 1 lemon and zest  

  • ½ punnet snow pea sprouts 



  • Using a small knife, peel the celeriac, then using a mandolin if possible, finely slice the celeriac, then finely cut across with a knife for a very fine strips, place into a mixing bowl. 

  • Using a zester, zest the skin of the lemon into the bowl, finely chop the chives, chop the capers, add the seeded mustard, add the mayo and season with salt and pepper, mix well and set aside.  

  • Cut the salmon across into 6 pieces. In a hot frying pan, on hight heat, drizzle some vegetable oil and place the salmon skin side up first and cook for 2 mins, then turn over so that the skin is facing down. Cook for a further 4 mins until skin is crispy and golden and remove from pan. 

  • Serve crispy skin salmon with snow pea sprouts, celeriac salad and fresh lemon wedges.