Cajun Spiced Chicken Pinchos with Banana Plaintain Chips



  • 4 green plantain bananas  

  • 1 packet chicken thighs  

  • 1 Tbsp Cajun spice mix  

  • 1 Tbsp dry oregano  

  • ½ bunch parsley  

  • 1 lemon  

  • 1 tub capsicum salsa 

  • ½ bunch coriander   



  1. Preheat the BBQ on high. 

  2. Small dice the chicken thighs and place into a bowl, mix together with the Cajun spice mix, oregano, salt and pepper and olive oil. Mix well. 

  3. Add the chicken to the skewer sticks. Set aside. 

  4. Preheat a deep fryer to 180º, or a large pot with veg oil on medium high heat. 

  5. Peel skins off of the plantain bananas using a peeler, then using the same peeler slice thin long slices of the banana. Set aside and deep fry in small batches at 180º for approx. 5mins or until golden and crispy. 

  6. Grill the chicken skewers for approx. 3 min on each side until charred and cooked though. 

  7. Serve with capsicum salsa, banana plantain chips and Cajun chicken skewers.